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All My Life is a soap opera is described as a story that "...revolves around the lives of the residents of fictional Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. For nearly forty years, this town has seen the trials and tribulations of its dynamic families. Now your favorite stories are back, and more dramatic than ever!"

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Latest All My Life News ◾ All My Life is coming back for their 41 season


For performer names and date ranges, see here. Contract Dr. Cara Castillo · Colby Chandler · Dr. Anders · Dr. Griffin Castillo · Adam Chandler · AJ Chandler · JR Chandler · Dixie Cooney · Opal Cortlandt · Pete Cortlandt · Brooke English · Celia Fitzgerald · Cassandra Foster · Dr. David Hayward · Dr. Angie Hubbard · Jesse Hubbard · Evelyn Johnson · Dr. Joe Martin · Lea Marquez · Jane McIntyre · Bianca Montgomery · Miranda Montgomery · Zach Slater Recurring Billy Clyde Tuggle · Dimitri Marick · Dylan Wilder · Eileen · Hunter Morrison · Heather Kent · Vlad Koslov · Uri Koslov · Sally · Winifred Coming Contract


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