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Lauren Katherine "Kiki" Jerome (formerly Corinthos) is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera All My Life (show) All My Life . She is the daughter of the late Dr. Silas Clay and mobster, Ava Jerome.

She was conceived during an affair her parents had while her father was married. She was formerly believed to be the daughter of Franco, due to Ava's lies.

The character was originated by Kristen Alderson, who held the role from May 2013 to February 2015. It was announced, on January 23, 2015, that Nick Cataldo Rae would be Alderson's replacement.


Alderson was originally on Template:W as Starr Manning from 1996 until the shows cancellation in 2012.

Alderson had previously appeared on the series as her Template:W (OLTL) character Starr Manning from 2012-13, when Alderson and several co-stars carried their roles over to General Hospital upon One Life's cancellation.[1]

When OLTL was relaunched as a web series, the production company Template:W reacquired the rights to the character. Instead of waiting to re-introduce the character, the producers of General Hospital created a new role for Alderson.[2]

Alderson first appeared, in her new role as Kiki Jerome, on May 13, 2013, as a series regular.[3]

Just like Alderson's former character, Starr Manning, Kiki was eventually paired with her boyfriend, Chad's character, Michael Quartermaine.

On January 10, 2015, Soap Opera Digest reported that Alderson would be leaving the series and her role as Kiki to pursue other interests.[4][5] On that same day, Alderson's boyfriend, Chad Duell took to Twitter stating it was her decision to leave.[6] On January 13, 2015, Alderson confirms her departure in a video, stating it was a spur of the moment decision.[7]

Alderson's last scene, on February 16, 2015, was with her former OLTL co-star, Roger Howarth, who currently plays Franco on GH, but he also played Alderson's on-screen father, Todd Manning on OLTL.

Alderson was nominated for two Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2014 and 2015.


According to Alderson, Lauren is very different from Starr, but said the two still had some similarities.

Alderson had been posting several pictures via social media but intentionally hiding her hair leading to speculation that her appearance would be very different.[3] A SOAPnet promo confirmed Alderson's change in appearance in early May.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag. Alderson said she "channeled the sassy, spunky bad girl that Starr used to be before she matured." She continued, "Kiki's also a little more seductive."[8] Alderson described Kiki as being "darker and edgier" then her former alter ego. Kiki is "risqué" when compared to Starr who is a "one man kind of girl."[9] The character of Lauren was first written into the series on December 21, 2009, when Franco mentions to Carly Jacks. Lauren was apparently taken away by her "bitch" of a mother. In April 2012, Franco is revealed to be the fraternal twin brother of Jason Morgan making him, and Lauren by extension members of the iconic Quartermaine family.

It is not until the May 20, 2013, that viewers learn that Alderson is actually Lauren. A student at Vassar College, Lauren is raised by a single mother, later revealed to be Ava Jerome, who tells Luke she was once enamored by Franco, but later realized he was delusional and took her daughter away to protect her from Franco's insanity. As a child, Ava gives Lauren the nickname Kiki and it sticks. Kiki grows up believing her father is dead. In July 2013, is it revealed that a 21 year old Kiki is actually the daughter of Dr. Silas Clay. On May 20, Kiki's mother came back from her business trip and called her by full name: Lauren Katherine Jerome.


Michael comes to Manhattan looking for his brother, Morgan Corinthos. He finds him beaten up and takes him to the hospital. Morgan runs from the hospital, and Michael goes after him. There, he finds Kiki, Morgan's girlfriend, who tells Michael that the apartment is her mother's house. He insists on bringing Morgan back to their home, but Morgan refuses. In order to help Morgan pay off gambling debts, Kiki invites some college classmates over to play a game of poker rigged in Morgan's favor. When the other boys catch on and accuse Morgan and Kiki of cheating, Michael breaks up the game and gets them to leave. Soon after, though, the loan sharks Morgan owes money to show up at the apartment and get into a fight with both Morgan and Michael, however, Morgan's father, Sonny Corinthos, shows up with his associate Shawn Butler and pay off Morgan's debt, ordering the loan sharks to leave.

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